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This Year's Accomplishments

Congratulations to all our Big Daddy Racecar drivers in this year's racing season!

Jeremy Hoskinson, #26

Hoskinson does not get to race near as much as he has the passion for. He only ran at Norfolk’s Off Road Speedway this summer. He finished 2nd in points at the track and held on tight to pick up 3 A- feature wins. Hoskinson also gave his all at the IMCA Supernationals in September, only to get knocked out of a qualifying A-feature.

Brent Jochum, #4J

Jochum ended his season at Off Road Speedway in Norfolk with 2 A-feature wins. He ended up 3rd in the point standings after leading it for many weeks this summer. Jochum fought hard at the IMCA Supernations at Boone Speedway to make the big dance but was cut short when a tire got cut in a qualifying position in a qualifying A-feature. A very proud moment for Jochum was winning the A-feature on father’s day at Off Road Speedway with his father and son watching that night. When asked what he loves about his Big Daddy he says “I love my car in many ways not just how it works but all the personal support and help I get from Dale himself.

Gary Goudy, Sr., #7

Goudy is our Canadian rock star of the north. He traveled all over and managed to get in 50 nights of racing this summer at some sanctioned and non-sanctioned events. Goudy raced at I-80 Speedway, Estevan Motor Speedway, Minot Speedway, Williston Speedway, Underwood Speedway and Big Eagle this summer. Goudy loves racing because it’s a family affair. Every week he gets to race with kids Gary Jr, Karen and Beth Ann. He enjoys watching his family get better and better each night out at the track. After all those long summer nights Goudy picked up the IMCA North Dakota State Crown for the hobby stocks. Goudy says he loves his Big Daddy because “it’s built strong and durable. My 2015 Big Daddy never let me down one night this summer.” He continues to say “the car is built with care and detail. Dale pays attention to the small details when building my car.”

Cory Probst, #75C

Probst had an amazing season this summer in his brand new Big Daddy Hobby Stock. He had 52 starts and 22 A-feature wins. He was a very strong competitor for the IMCA national point standings, he ended up holding the 5th spot in the nation. Probst picked up one track championship at Arlington Raceway in Arlington, MN. He finished 2nd in points at Redwood Speedway in Redwood Falls, MN and at Fairmont Raceway in Fairmont, MN. Probst was your Minnesota IMCA Hobby Stock State Champion to top it off. He competed with the 2015 National Champion on the weekly. Probst says his favorite moment of the season was sweeping the entire weekend of A-features by winning Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. When asked what he loves most about his Big Daddy Hobby Stock the most, Probst says “it’s the fine craftsmanship of the cars”.

Tiffany Bittner, #95B

Bittner had another impressive season with her Big Daddy Hobby Stock. She was able to hold on to her track titles at US30 Speedway, Columbus, NE and at Boone County Raceway, Albion, NE. Bittner was also your first ever Hobby Stock Summer Storm Dirt Series Champion. The series was only 8 nights but the pressure was on. She was also able to hold on to her Nebraska State Champion Crown in 2015. Along the way, she picked up 8 A-feature wins and was in the top 5 nearly every night. Hoping for a top 10 in the nation but Bittner fell 5 points short for an 11th place finish. However, she was able to finish 9th in the IMCA Big Daddy Race Cars Northern Region. Bittner says her favorite thing about the season was just staying local to race and having fun with some stiff competition.

Tejay Mielke, #77

Mielke had a strong season in his Big Daddy Hobby Stock. He was a very strong competitor in Nebraska. He picked up the top ten spot in the IMCA National Point Standings, and 8th in the IMCA Big Daddy Race Cars Northern Region. This season he was able to claim 10 A-feature wins and numerous top 5 finishes. Mielke proudly claims the first 2015 IMCA Hobby Stock Track Championship at the brand new Off Road Speedway in Norfolk, NE. He also finished 2nd in points at Boone County Speedway, 3rd in points at US30 Speedway, and a close 2nd for the Summer Storm Dirt Series. Mielke was also runner up for IMCA Nebraska State Points. When asked what he loves about his car he says “I love by Big Daddy Race Cars because they are so durable, yet fast good handling cars. We are still out there winning with a 2010 Big Daddy just as much as we are with a 2015, the Big Daddy will take a beating and keep on winning.”

Kyle Prauner, #5K

Prauner raced the Big Daddy House Stock Car again in 2015 and had a blast traveling around to different tracks to test the car. He had 20 starts in the car this season and picked up 5 A-feature wins in it this summer. Prauner helps with a lot of the research and development of the stock cars to keep improving for future builds.

Nathan Ballard, #29

Ballard was the man to beat anywhere he went this summer. He picked up 24 wins with only 34 starts and there was only one time this season that he did not get the top 5 finish. He is your champion at Benton County Speedway, Vinton, IA and Hawkeye Downs Speedway in Cedar Rapids, IA. Something a little out of the ordinary for a Big Daddy Hobby Stock is running on asphalt, Ballard made it look easy when winning every single race at Hawkeye Downs Speedway this season. Ballard was once again excited to have made the IMCA Supernational Hobby Stock big dance in September but had his heartbroken when a tire got cut down early in the race. When asked what Ballard loves about his Big Daddy Hobby Stock he says “I love my Big Daddy Car because Dale is a great guy to work with! I like sharing info back and forth, plus they are just really fast cars.”

Kyle Pfeifer, #54P

Pfeifer gave many competitors a run for their money this season. He was able to hold on to a top 20 finish in the IMCA National point standings. He was able to pick up 6 A-feature wins this summer in his Big Daddy Hobby Stock. He competed at Oberlin Speedway. RPM Speedway, Wakeeney Speedway. Pfeifer was really on a roll this summer when he was able to capture 4 A-feature wins in a row. He states that “both the Big Daddy Hobby Stocks I owned this summer were fast, close and consistent.”

Collin Heim, #6

Heim had a strong 2015 racing season in Kansas this summer. He was your track champion at Sherman County Speedway in Goodland, KS with 2-A feature wins and 9 2nd places finishes. He raced 29 nights and only missed the top 5 five times this summer. Heim also gave everyone a run for their money at the Fall Nationals in Hays, KS by taking 4th place that night.

Shawn Slezak, #35S

Slezak is all about the fun times he has racing his Big Daddy Hobby Stock. He only raced 8 times this season but raced all over the countryside in Stuart, Iowa; North Platte, Eagle, Rising City and Beatrice, Nebraska. He rocked the last 2 points nights at Beatrice Speedway and took home the win both nights making the track champion a little irritated. Slezak competed in some very big races this summer and did very well for himself. He says “I like my Big Daddy Car because it was fast the first night out and it seems to be the most consistent handling car I have ever owned!”

Tyler Saathoff, #16T

The 2015 race season was only Saathoffs second year in a hobby stock and his first year in his brand new Big Daddy Hobby Stock. He had a strong season at two very competitive tracks in Nebraska. He finished 4th in points at Eagle Raceway and 8th in points at Beatrice Speedway. Saathoff also won the award for most improved driver at Eagle Raceway. He had 29 starts this summer and many top 5 finishes but is still searching for that first A-feature win but is getting closer and closer every race. Saathoff says one of his favorite moments from this season was taking out the brand new Big Daddy for the first time and winning his heat race and leading the A-feature for three quarters of the race but finishing a close second. Saathoff says “I bought my 2015 Big Daddy knowing that I would get a very fast hobby stock. Dale has built very good and fast cars for many years. I love my Big Daddy Hobby Stock for the control and handling of the car. I was very happy with my 2015 Big Daddy Chassis.”

Travis Albracht, #38A

Albracht only raced 10 times this summer but did have some good moments he’s proud of after sitting out of the car for two years. He finished 4 times in the top 5 at Eagle Raceway, a track that can get 30-40 cars a night. He only had one finish out of the top 10. Albracht loves his car because of how well it is built and says they handle awesome. He says “the tech help is great too and I wouldn’t want to be in any other car.”